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Our story

The urban streets of our cities, pulse with the energy of the people that walk on them. The shoes they wear dazzle on this energy.
But sometimes it’s not the people who wear them, but the shoes themselves that highlight the personality of its carriers.

That’s what we had in mind when we designed Bend-it. We imagined shoes that radiate the energy of the people who wear them,
urban people who enjoy life in the cities, the crowded streets and constant sounds that seem to come from everywhere. Those who
wear Bend-it, choose it, because they add to their feeling of happiness.

We want Bend-it to be more than a shoe to its owners. Bend-it must be an exceptional added value to your appearance, while wearing
them is a joy to the eye and the feet, an overall package of comfort, practicality, beauty and funky looks.

The uniqueness of Bend-it

Bend-it is especially innovative due to the unique sole that makes it possible to bend the heel backwards; so stepping into the shoe
becomes super easy. 

The design lets you wear the shoe in two different ways to complete every outfit and make you feel outstanding in every situation.


Exceptional design shoes made of premium materials

We use the highest quality of calf-hunting leather. This leather is exceptional because of its softness and sustainability. The suede
is deep and intense so it will easily stay in shape. The inner soles can be replaced by one of your own if needed. Because the inner
and outer shoe is made of calf leather they won’t get smelly at all. The soles are made of synthetic latex that has been tested for

Ethically made shoes 

All our shoes are handmade in Portugal. Produced with high quality craftsmanship and love. You will see this in the little details
and precision of finishing of the design.

Making shoes is like making good food. When made with love you will be able to taste this. The same thing happens in the creation
of shoes. When made with love you will be able to feel this. To achieve this we have the pleasure of working together with a lot of people
we love. Whenever we can, we work with many of our friends and family. Once we had to set up production we made a lot of new friends
with our amazing craftsmen team in Portugal.

We pay close attention to every detail of the production process. We use eco-friendly production processes and work with responsible
factories, from step one to the final step of packaging. Each step is closely followed to make sure that each step is a happy one made
with love and care.



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